Key stuck on your Passat ignition?

I have a fairly new VW Passat and the key fob has been randomly stuck in the ignition when I turn off the car.

Thanks to the Internet and the awesome community at I found that there is an easy way to release the fob when this happens to you. Simply put the car in park and push the button on the side of the shifter a couple times and you’ll hear the fob release.

I called my VW dealer when it happened to me and the guy on the phone said he had never heard of the fob getting stuck. Maybe all dealers should read vwvortex as well.

I’ll still have VW look at the problem but it’s nice to have a workaround until I can get in for service.

  • cbaron

    After trying 7 different internet suggestions, I tried this: take gear shift out of park; move it to neutral; slide it over to the manual transmission side; move gearshift down. then return to “park”…! My husband walked me through this over the phone…..!

  • Rick

    Hope to be just as lucky. Just bought a used 1999 Passat. Key stuck. Button on shifter duct taped. Nothing works so far Trying to remove key. You bet I negotiated price down for stuck key feature. Hope car isn’t stolen before I get this resolved.

  • susan

    I have a 2006 vw passat and the gear shift knob is stuck inside and cannot get the car in park or reverse and cannot remove the key. What needs to happen?

  • Dairy

    This saved our lives #thank